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Top Reasons Why You Should Join TLPA

United Through TLPA, We Are Strong and Successful

  • TLPA represents taxicab, limousine, sedan, airport shuttle, paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation companies
  • 1,000 successful companies operating over 100,000 vehicles are TLPA members
  • Congress, federal agencies, states and cities regularly seek TLPA's advice

TLPA Actions to Combat Unlicensed Transportation Network Companies (TNC)

  • Public Relations Response
    • Hired a public relations firm
    • Developing media materials
    • Implementing Social Media strategy
  • Regulatory & Legal Response
    • Creating a central repository of legal and regulatory information
    • Developing legal and regulatory papers
    • Addressing regulatory and legal issues
  • Operational & Technology Subcommittee
    • Promoting ways that licensed operators can improve their operational practices and technology to enhance the passenger's experience
  • Legislative Effort
    • TLPA is expanding its legislative representation to counter federal actions Uber and Lyft are pursuing

TLPA's Annual Convention & Trade Show

  • The world's largest gathering of 1,000 for-hire transportation fleet owners and managers—October 8-12, 2017, in Denver, CO
  • Largest trade show for the for-hire transportation industry (taxicab, limousine and paratransit)
  • Trade Show of over 100 exhibits showcasing the newest products, services and innovations available to the industry

TLPA's Mid-Year International Leadership Conference

  • A dynamic international forum of industry leaders—July 12-15, 2017, in Anchorage, AK
  • Education focused on litigation, regulation and legislation
  • A platform for TLPA leaders to discuss our industry's future

TLPA's Spring Conference & Expo

  • Over 300 industry leaders will attend the April 25–28, 2017, event in Palm Springs, CA
  • Assembly of operators for unique networking and the exchange of ideas and best practices
  • Expo showcasing the latest and greatest products and services in an informal and relaxed setting

Transportation Leader: TLPA's Quarterly Magazine that Focuses on Your Concerns

  • Profiles individual operators who have good ideas that you can use
  • Features articles on regulation, technology, maintenance, public relations, etc.
  • Contains news, advertisements and other valuable information on suppliers

Media Watch, Ride-Hail News, Dispatch and Division Newsletters: Members-only Newsletters Provide Vital Information

  • Members receive a daily (M-F) Media Watch e-newsletter reviewing the major breaking news stories on our industry
  • The weekly (Tuesdays) Ride-Hail News e-newsletter keeps members up to date on the TNCs with major news stories and revealing infographics.
  • Bi-monthly electronic newsletters for the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Divisions are available with Dispatch

TLPA's Public Relations Program

  • A TLPA membership certificate, use of the TLPA logo and member decals to place on your vehicles show that you run a legitimate and informed service
  • Listings in Find a Ride and the Membership Directory on TLPA's website
  • A professionally written company profile posted to TLPA's blog and promoted on TLPA's social media platforms
  • Participate in TLPA's Community Connections program, an opportunity to work in your community to help make it a better place while gaining media coverage that casts a positive public relations spotlight on your company and the industry
  • Participate in the Transportation on Patrol (TOP) program, an opportunity to enhance your service and reputation in the community and strengthen relations with the police department and city officials