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Poll results: When choosing a livery service, whatís the best ride?

As Iím sure we all know, members of the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association like a good party. And whatís not to like? Drinks, hors-d'oeuvres...

Posted By Stacey Murray | 6/20/2017 4:24:42 PM

TLPA Members Take to Capitol Hill with Two Requests for Lawmakers

Descending on Washington, DC from around the country this week, TLPA members took to Capitol Hill to urge members of Congress to focus on two major is...

Posted By Alex Amiral | 6/16/2017 1:17:33 PM

Record-Setting Transportation

Our industry has evolved throughout the last 100 years, from horse-drawn taxis to gasoline-powered rides and beyond. Often, with progress, comes a lit...

Posted By Alex Amiral | 6/15/2017 7:09:32 AM

Five Famous People You Didnít Know Drove Cabs

You never know who youíll meet in a taxi: an author, a rocker, and even an American president? Well, maybe not an actual president, but like many trop...

Posted By Alex Amiral | 6/7/2017 4:17:27 PM

Hereís Your Next Vacation Destination: Alaska

I donít know if youíre aware of this, but Alaska is the vacation you didnít know you wanted. Sure, itís not a tropical oasis, but Alaska is known as ...

Posted By Alex Amiral | 6/2/2017 8:21:26 AM

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