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TLPA Operator of the Year Award Winners

 Paratransit & ContractingJudy Potter, Black & White Transportation, Toledo OH
 Limousine & SedanDavid Friedman, Carmel Car & Limousine Service, New York, NY
 Taxicab ServicesNick Cambas, United Taxi, Tampa, FL

Outstanding Contributor to
   Women in Transportation
Jo-Anne Thompson, Tommy's Taxi, Inc., Framingham, MA
 Lifetime Achievement Award
Mitch Rouse, American Logistics Company, Los Angeles, CA

 Paratransit & ContractingMatt Heafner, Yellow Cab of Denver, Denver, CO
 Limousine & SedanRick VersaceA1A Airport and Limousine Service, Boca Raton, FL
 Taxicab ServicesRaye MilesBroadway Cab LLC, Portland, OR
 Outstanding Contributor to
   Women in Transportation
J.M. "Margie" WilcoxMobile Bay Transportation Company, Mobile, AL
 Paratransit & ContractingShirley Allen, Mercy Transportation, Everett, WA
 Limousine & SedanDawson Rutter, Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation, Boston, MA
 Taxicab ServicesBill George, Kansas City Transportation Group, Kansas City, MO
 Outstanding Contributor to
   Women in Transportation
Mary Smarelli, Transit Express, Milwaukee, WI
 Paratransit & ContractingBud Williams, Wheelchair Transport Service, Inc., Clearwater, FL
 Limousine & SedanBarry Beall, First Class Executive Limo, Phoenix, AZ
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Brock Rosayn, Metro Taxi of Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, FL
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Judy Swystun, Hampton Roads Transportation, Inc., Norfolk, VA
 Outstanding Contributor to
   Women in Transportation
Isabelle Scalzi, Metro Taxi Connecticut, West Haven, CT
 Paratransit & ContractingJo-Anne Thompson, Tommy's Taxi, Inc., Framingham, MA
 Limousine & SedanJeff Maltz, SilverRide, San Francisco, CA
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Glenn Stevenson, Florida Keys Taxi Dispatch, Key West, FL
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Mark Joseph, Veolia Transportation, Baltimore, MD
 Outstanding Contributor to
   Women in Transportation
Jerilyn Ugaste, Blue Cab Company, Forest Park, IL
 Paratransit & ContractingDavid R. Reid, Select Ride Inc., Ann Arbor, MI
 Limousine & SedanRobert Alexander, RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Trans., Rockville, MD
 Taxicab ServicesMichael Levine, Yellow Group LLC, Chicago, IL, New York, NY & Baltimore, MD
 Outstanding Contributor to
   Women in Transportation
Judy Swystun, Hampton Roads Transportation, Inc., Norfolk, VA
 Paratransit & ContractingSid Del Cardayre, Van Go Inc. of Richmond, Richmond, VA
 Limousine & SedanVictor Dizengoff, BCAC, New York, NY
 Taxicab ServicesBill Scalzi, Metro Taxi, New Haven, CT
 Paratransit & ContractingThomas Arrighi, A&A Metro Transportation, Bridgewater, MA
 Limousine & SedanDean Schuler, Carey New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Jeb Corey, C & H Taxi, Charleston, WV
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Craig Hughes, Total Transit, Inc., Glendale, AZ
 Paratransit & ContractingAlan Groedel, Provide A Ride, Cleveland, OH
 Limousine & SedanDavid Eckstein, Valera Global, Long Island City, NY
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Caron Wootten, Colonial Transportation, Jackson, MI
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Simon Garber, Chicago Carriage Cab, Chicago, IL
 Paratransit & ContractingAnthony "Corky" Renzi, CRT Cabulance, Pittsfield, MA
 Limousine & SedanSam Amato, Gateway Limousines Worldwide, Burlingame, CA
 Taxicab ServicesMurray Rosenberg, Yellow Cab Company, Atlantic City, NJ
 Paratransit & ContractingBill Legare, Valley Transportation Corp., Woonsocket, RI
 Limousine & SedanCarla & Bob Boroday, Associated Limousine Svcs, Fort Lauderdale, FL
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Dick Leshley, Yellow Cab Taxi, Coos Bay, OR
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Anthony Palmeri, Yellow Cab of San Diego, CA
 Paratransit & ContractingSheri Watson, Checker Transportation Group, Kansas City, MO
 Limousine & SedanJacob M. Salem, First American Limousine, Boston, MA
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Jo-Anne Thompson, Tommy's Taxi, Framingham, MA
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Geoffrey Riesel, Radio Taxis Group, London, ENGLAND
 Paratransit & ContractingStan Rakestraw, SCR Transportation, Chicago, IL
 Limousine & SedanJoey Cirruzzo, A Elegant Limousine, Staten Island, NY
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Bill Yuhnke, Liberty Cab Company, Buffalo, NY
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Jim Donnelly, Aboutown Transportation, London, Ontario, CANADA
 Paratransit & ContractingBrian Somerman, Metro Mobility, Jenkintown, PA
 Limousine & SedanCarl Ward, Executive Transportation, Newport, KY
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)John T. "Tom" Jones, Jr., Delta Transit Company, Delta, CO
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Rick Hewatt, Checker Cab Company, Atlanta, GA
 Paratransit & ContractingBrian Hunt, Diversified Paratransit, Pomona, CA
 Limousine & SedanMike Fogarty, BostonCoach, Everett, MA
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Richard Corey, C & H Taxi, Charleston, WV
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Robert McBride, All Island Taxi, Hempstead, NY
 Paratransit & ContractingJohn Arnet, We Care Transportation, Buffalo, NY
 Limousine & SedanGuy Mongello, Paradise Limousines, Pinellas Park, FL
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Dan Leonas, City Cab Company, Lewiston, ME
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Larry Slagle, Yellow Cab of NOC, Anaheim, CA
 Paratransit & ContractingJim Barr, Palm Beach Transporta., West Palm Beach, FL
 Limousine & SedanJon Chester, Limousines by Linda, San Diego, CA (deceased)
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Charles Williams, Yellow Cab Co., Ashland KY
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Bill Lazar, Luxor Taxi, San Francisco, CA (deceased)
 Contracted & ParatransitMargie Wilcox, Mobile Bay Transportation Company, Mobile, AL
 Exec. Sedan & Limo. Serv.John Patti, Buffalo Limousine Service, Buffalo, NY
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Gayle Law, Dalton Taxicab, Dalton, GA (deceased)
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Jamie Campolongo, Yellow Cab Company, Pittsburgh, PA
 Contracted & ParatransitBen Early, Paratransit Services 0f West Florida, Pensacola, FL
 Premium ServicesJohn M. Greene, Carey of New England, Braintree, MA
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Derek G. Dillon, River City Yellow Cab, Evansville, IN
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Ellis Houston, United Cab Company, Houston, TX
 Contracted & ParatransitMary Smarelli, Transit Express, Milwaukee, WI
 Premium ServicesRod Cunningham, Boca Raton Transp., Boca Raton, FL
 Taxicab Services (Small Fleet)Jamie Marlowe, Yellow Cab, Huntington, WV
 Taxicab Services (Large Fleet)Jerilyn Ugaste, Blue Cab Company, Oak Park, IL
 Contracted & ParatransitJim McLary, Southeast Transit Mangt., Alexandria, VA
 Premium ServicesJohn Acierno, Executive Charge, Inc., Brooklyn, NY
 Taxicab ServicesHam Smythe, III, Yellow Cab Company, Memphis, TN
 Contracted & ParatransitRobbie Werth, Diamond Transportation., Alexandria, VA
 Premium ServicesCharles Atchison, Atchison Transportation, Spartanburg, SC
 Taxicab ServicesJoe Kramer, Blue Line Taxi Company, Ottawa, Ontario, CN
 Contracted & ParatransitGene Stalians, Diversified Paratransit, Pomona, CA
 Premium ServicesNeal Nichols, Transportation General, Arlington, VA
 Taxicab ServicesGerry Cunningham, Dover Taxi, New York, NY
 Contracted & ParatransitHenry Moore, CWS Transportation, Plainville, CT
 Premium ServicesJim Bell, Bell Transportation, Las Vegas, NV
 Taxicab ServicesBruce Bell, Diamond Taxicab Association, Toronto, ON, CN
 Contracted & ParatransitSigmund Zilber, Metro Minibus, Inc, Miami, FL (deceased)
 Premium ServicesJohn Hurley, Hurley Limousine, Mountainside, NJ
 Taxicab ServicesMitch Rouse, Taxi Systems, Inc., Gardena, CA
 Operator of the YearLee Barnes, Barwood Transportation, Kensington, MD
 Small Fleet Operator of the YearWarren & Marlene Carew, Park Taxi, Pinellas Park, FL
 Large Fleet Operator of the YearRon Stoppelmann, Irene Leasing, New York, NY
 Small Fleet Operator of the YearAndrew Lemnotis, Town/Country Transp., New Britain, CT
 Large Fleet Operator of the YearJerry Feldman, Checker Taxi Co., Chicago, IL
 Operator of the YearReg Kermode, Taxis Combined Services, Sydney, Australia
 Operator of the YearBernice Jay, Yellow Cab, Green Bay, WI (deceased)
 Small Fleet Operator of the YearDarren Gutman, Five Sixes Cab, Key West, FL
 Large Fleet Operator of the YearPaul Mears, Jr., Yellow Cab, Orlando, FL
 Operator of the YearJames Steele, Yellow Cab Cooperative, San Francisco, CA
 Operator of the YearBill Williams, Yellow Cab, Raleigh, NC
 Operator of the YearGeorge Kapp, Red Bird Cab, High Point, NC
 Operator of the YearGeorge Kamins, Yellow Cab, Houston, TX
 Operator of the YearNeal Nichols, Red Top Cab, Arlington, VA
 Operator of the YearJim Sinnott, Yellow Cab, Pittsburgh, PA
 Operator of the YearJesse Gaddis, Yellow Cab, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
 Operator of the YearWilliam Knaus, Colonial Taxi, Bethel Park, PA
 Operator of the YearDick Hunt, Yellow Cab, Indianapolis, IN (deceased)