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Record-Setting Transportation

Our industry has evolved throughout the last 100 years, from horse-drawn taxis to gasoline-powered rides and beyond. Often, with progress, comes a little, well, fun.

Here are some of our industry’s record-breaking feats.

The Longest Limousine

For starters, it’s called the American Dream.

This limo, which was built in the late 1980s by Jay Ohrberg, is 100 feet long with 26 wheels, a Jacuzzi, a diving board, and a helicopter landing pad. Naturally, because of its length, the limousine could bend in the center and it has a second backseat driver manning the rear axles.

Unfortunately, it was later abandoned in a New Jersey warehouse, but since then, has become a restoration project for the Autoseum Automotive Teaching Museum.

New York City’s Record-Setting Taxi Medallion

You can buy a lot for $965,000--a taxi medallion included, and that’s just what two New Yorkers did at a 2014 auction, setting the record for the highest bid at one of these auctions in the city. Sadar Jama, one of the winning bidders, told the New York Post it was a solid investment.

“People come here from all over the world and the first thing they want to do is become a taxi driver,” he said. “Everyone comes here for a different dream, a better life, to give my children a better life.”

An actual taxi medallion is worth more than $1 million, so it was really a deal!

The Longest Taxi Ride

According to the ABC News , a trio of Englishmen bought a London black cab with the intention of seeing just how high they could push the taximeter. Four continents, 13 months, and more than 32,000 miles later, their “fare” reached more than $100,000.

Most Expensive Limo

The Sultan of Brunei (a small country in Southeast Asia) has expensive tastes, and he spared no expense when purchasing his limo. It’s a Rolls Royce Silver Spur, custom-made for his wedding day and covered in 24k gold. It’s worth more than $14 million and fits right into his collection of more than 5,000 vehicles worth a combined total of $5 billion.

And lastly….

Most Likely to Succeed

Who else would be dubbed most likely to succeed other than the “Beast,” the U.S. president’s limo? It’s not only bullet-proof, it’s bomb-proof and has been built to survive chemical warfare. The grille even has night-vision capabilities.

Posted 6/15/2017 7:09:32 AM

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