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Paratransit & Contracting Industry

Primarily the result of public-private partnerships in transportation, this category of transportation includes private sedan, van, and minibus fleets that provide transportation service under contract to public or non-profit agencies. Social service fleets, non-emergency medical fleets and accessible transportation for the disabled provided through public agencies under Medicaid or ADA are all examples of this type of transportation.

In the United States, there are approximately 2,100 contract service fleets that operate 26,000 vehicles. These companies employ 71,000 people and provide mobility for 150 million passengers annually.*

TLPA's Paratransit & Contracting Division

More than 200 transportation companies are currently members of TLPA's Paratransit & Contracting Division. These companies have access to information, educational seminars, legislative representation, industry experts, and a professional network of peers and suppliers that can't be found anywhere but TLPA.

The TLPA Paratransit & Contracting Division members will benefit from an array of educational and professional development forums at the Spring Conference & Expo and Annual Convention & Trade Show.

These initiatives are at the direction of the Paratransit & Contracting Steering Committee, a corps of fleet operators who volunteer to take responsibility for the division's programs and services.

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Private Transportation Operators at the Table: A Guide to Participating in the Transportation Planning Process

In October 2007, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) entered into a cooperative agreement with the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) to assist private for-hire vehicle operators in understanding and becoming involved in their local Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and statewide planning processes-and in identifying the opportunities for business that may follow. Harold Morgan, Executive Vice President, managed this program for TLPA. A key component of this technical assistance program is training seminars to help equip private operators with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to more fully participate in these planning processes, to understand the benefits of getting involved, and ultimately to identify opportunities to tap into additional revenue opportunities and expand services. TLPA contracted with the KFH Group, Inc. and J.M. Rubino Transit Consulting to conduct 11 one-day Planning Ahead: Enhanced Contracting Opportunities by Participating in the Transportation Planning Process seminars throughout the country between September, 2008 and October, 2009.

As a follow-up to Planning Ahead seminar series, the training team developed a guidebook that includes key components from the seminar presentation and the seminar manual. This guidebook will serve as a valuable tool for private transportation providers unable to attend one of the Planning Ahead seminars, as well as a useful follow-up resource for seminar participants. In addition, the guidebook is designed to assist transportation planners at the federal, metropolitan, statewide, and rural levels in their efforts to engage private transportation providers in the planning process. Private Transportation Operators at the Table: A Guide to Participating in the Transportation Planning Process will soon be available on this web site. The transportation planning process provides the foundation for a community to assess existing conditions, identify a planning process by providing their expertise and offering their ideas and suggestions to a community's vision for mobility. Unfortunately, in many communities private transportation providers are not involved in the transportation planning process. This guidebook will offer important information on the transportation planning processes to provide private transportation operators with a working knowledge so they are aware of the potential benefits of being involved and can identify potential opportunities for their involvement.

*Profile compiled from Wells, 1975; Wells, 1977; Gilbert et al, 1982; Stanley and Burby, 1988; and Gilbert et al, 2002

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