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Giddyup and ‘Find Your West’ with TLPA in OKC

As you may already know, we’re heading to Oklahoma City for this year’s TLPA Spring Conference & Expo! It’s a charming place with lots of cool things to do, and that includes a museum dedicated to…(wait for it!)…all things cowboy.

Yes, Oklahoma City is home to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, which is exactly as cool as it sounds. From antique firearms to a replica Wild West town, the museum is a journey into the cowboy culture of America.

“It’s a place for everyone to ‘Find their West.’ The museum is a can’t-miss destination when passing through OKC,” said Tara Carr, the museum’s communications coordinator. We talked with her to get the lowdown on the museum for TLPA members who want to explore its unique offerings:

What makes the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, well, awesome?

Tara: The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is unique because it tells the full story of the American West. More than 10 million visitors from around the world have sought out this unique museum to gain a better understanding of the West: a region and a history that permeates our national culture. The museum houses everything from fine art and sculptures to galleries that focus on the American cowboy, rodeos, Native American culture, Victorian firearms, frontier military, Western performers and more. Don’t forget to see the sprawling Garden Gallery while you’re here!

What’s the most popular exhibit?

Tara: The most popular exhibit at the museum is by far “Prosperity Junction.” This exhibit features a replica of a turn-of-the-century cattle town built in an area of the museum where a 40-foot-high ceiling allows two story structures. At its northern edge lies the town’s industrial section, including a railroad depot, blacksmith shop, and livery stable. At the south end are the social elements, including the school, the church and residences. Between those two extremes lay the bulk of the town’s business structures. This real-life town leaves a memory you will never forget!

Are there going to be any cool events or special exhibits going on the week of April 10?

Tara: The museum’s Western Heritage Awards is April 13 -14! It is an awards show, similar to the Grammys, that was established in 1961 as the pinnacle commemoration of the American West. The show honors the legacy of men and women for their works in literature, music, film, and television. Reservations are required and can be found at Besides that, we have three new spring exhibitions that will be on display during this week!

What’s the best time to visit the museum?

Tara: There’s never a wrong time to visit! If you want a more quiet and private visit, I’d suggest visiting on a weekday before lunch. The weekends are always bustling with programs and activities the whole family can enjoy! Be sure to check the website for upcoming tours that are free to visitors.

So, there you have it—an insider’s view of Oklahoma City’s most unique museum! It’s just one more reason to saddle up and be sure to join us at the TLPA Spring Conference & Expo in OKC! Click here to learn more and register today! 

Posted 2/7/2018 11:33:48 AM

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