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TLPA’s Convention of the Century

People tried to crash a car. They partied at a mansion overlooking Las Vegas. They played golf just off the famous Vegas Strip. They signed business d...

Posted 11/14/2018 12:26:39 PM

178 Cities, 13 Countries Represented At The TLPA Convention

TLPA Annual Convention Attendance Map

It’s the TLPA main event you’ve all been waiting for: industry experts and networking sessions, innovative technologies on the trade show floor, and y...

Posted 10/24/2018 4:17:55 PM

Innovations You'll See at TLPA's 100th Convention

Photo: TLPA's 100th Annual Convention & Trade Show logo

We’re just a week away from the most important event in TLPA’s history—the 100th Annual Convention & Trade Show. And TLPA is infusing innovation into ...

Posted 10/17/2018 5:12:12 PM

At the TLPA Convention in Vegas, There's Plenty to Do at Night

When the world's fleet transportation leaders gather in Las Vegas Oct. 27-29, naturally they are going to spend every minute of the day soaking up all...

Posted 8/31/2018 3:07:43 PM

What's Your Speed?

Do you want to race a Ferrari on a private track in the desert? Yeah, Las Vegas has that. Ever have the itch to go indoor skydiving? Vegas has you cov...

Posted 8/27/2018 11:11:38 AM

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